Can I get a witness?

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Postby jinjer » August 21st, 2008, 5:20 am

I just want to add to my comments, that I hope that I have been to you guys, a fraction of what you have been to me.


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Postby scooter » August 21st, 2008, 5:55 am

I was a bit disappointed the other day when I heard that John McCain did not "do" computers.

This would most likely apply to those comments made about Jude2.

There are many people who fail to get the age of information.

Jude2 is our opportunity to bring everything into the light.

I can remember when WP was exposed, here. The the information and light provided here has helped many break free from our religious and exclusive pasts.

While many in church leadership stayed the course of the same ole same ole, all the while the church was wilting around them, Jude2 flowed like an IV to the Body.

There were times in my past that the refusal of leadership to face the facts brought me to a point of breaking. When you minister within an organization and the organization refuses to progress it brings on hurt and heartbreak only the has beens know.

How many people can you count who just became too smart for the church's foolishness? How many people did we loose because of no change or slow change?

I was on the phone this week with a has been bishop who gave up his lisence under BM for the sake of what was right. So sad is the story that goes along with the church and the need for and the refusal of change.

Jude2 helped me to stay the course of change while others around me wanted me to give into the fact that change would never happen. Well thank God change did happen and Jude2 was a dynamic part of that change for me.

I have met so many wonderful people I got to stay with Joey and Kenya, spend more time with my brother, preach for Chris, send a daughter to the mission field, someone helped me with assembly expense, people helped PG make it to the assembly, sharpen my skills at dealing with people, , become more PC literate, connect with harvest partners around the globe, help others with mission efforts, help others in their misfortune, visit countless others, fellowship at the assemblies, stay in the know, see how it is and is not working for others, make fun of the TCoggers :lol: , keep up with the forked Cog tree, become a change agent, and so much more.

Lets face it Jude2 was forged in the fires of adversity. The church could not handle open and honest dialogue back then.

I guess the comments are somewhat accurate, I wanna be more and I have been less.
What we need here is a good revival! lol

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Postby Pastor Bill » August 21st, 2008, 7:14 am

I found Jude 2 (or actually that-other-forum-that-shall-remain-nameless) when I was first coming into the CoGoP as a new pastor.

I had heard from my district and state overseers that change was coming, but I also know that what they wanted and what would happen might not be the same thing. Finding Jude 2 helped me see that yes change was coming, helped me understand the history and issues of this organization, and introduced me to so many wonderful people.

I have been helped greatly by the fellowship here, I have learned alot when it comes to relating to people, and often have butted heads over and over only to find we really agree more than disagree.

As a new person coming into the organization, you all helped me greatly, and now I walk into our IA and have people come up and know me. It has made the CoGoP feel much more like family, and much more welcoming.
"Why would God allow Hitler his chapter in history? Why would God send a whale to swallow Jonah or turn a woman into a pillar of salt? Surely there were other ways. But I'll leave the particular methods of God to God."
-Spoken by David Abraham, Showdown by Ted Dekker

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Postby Sherry » August 21st, 2008, 7:32 am

I guess I'm not surprised at that statement from someone who just doesn't have a clue. I have been around Jude2 for as long as it's been around and before. I've rekindled old friendships, made new friends that I treasure, received phone calls when I needed ministering to, bombarded with emails when I took a break, and had the pleasure of meeting many in person at different times in the past. I have been privileged to bless and be blessed by Jude2. How on earth can someone be so ignorant in believing that this board is nothing? I know it is something!

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Postby dalebert » August 21st, 2008, 7:41 am

whoever this person is , is right about me...

i has- been a sinner but now i am free...and now i wanna-be with my Jesus and live eternally

Well Glory!!!

Thats what im saying....!!!
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Postby Darling » August 21st, 2008, 7:42 am

I love being a part of the family of Jude2! You all have been a wonderful support system with your prayers, wishes and comments on a variety of issues. Love it and I plan on continuing to be a part of this community of believers. God bless you all.

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Re: Can I get a witness?

Postby Pastor Chip » August 21st, 2008, 7:44 am

Pastor Gary wrote:A visible and prominent leader in COGOP told me, to my face, during the Assembly that he never bothered with Jude2 because in his opinion "it's just a bunch of has-beens and wanna-be's."

Well he may be visible and prominent now, but with that attitude I don't expect his prominence will last much longer.
Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer Psalm 19:14

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Postby Full Quiver » August 21st, 2008, 8:37 am

One thing J2 didn't do for me was let me know how country Scooter is. :lol:
It took a face to face meeting to find that out. Of course J2 scheduled that meeting in a sense.
I have piped unto you, and ye have not danced!

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Postby scooter » August 21st, 2008, 9:17 am

Full Quiver wrote:One thing J2 didn't do for me was let me know how country Scooter is. :lol:
It took a face to face meeting to find that out. Of course J2 scheduled that meeting in a sense.

Response: Wanna arm wrestle? :lol: 8)
What we need here is a good revival! lol

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Postby Full Quiver » August 21st, 2008, 9:31 am

:D :lol: 8)
I have piped unto you, and ye have not danced!

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Postby deb » August 21st, 2008, 11:03 am

Pastor Gary wrote:
A visible and prominent leader in COGOP told me, to my face, during the Assembly that he never bothered with Jude2 because in his opinion "it's just a bunch of has-beens and wanna-be's."

I can think of at least 3 people right off the top of my head that could easily be guilty of making this remark (out of jealousy because of what you have made out of this forum). One who made a statement to the effect that he was getting old and needed to make a name for himself. The other two who wouldn’t even make eye contact (one actually hid behind a makeshift wall) to avoid speaking to a representative from our church. I’m sure everyone else can name someone they know who thinks so highly of themselves also.

Pastor Chip wrote:
Well he may be visible and prominent now, but with that attitude I don't expect his prominence will last much longer.

God does have a way of humbling the proud doesn't he? Not to stir up a hornet’s nest, but I prayed for the leader of the FL revival like this: God, if this isn’t of you, then you know how to put a stop to it. Your thoughts are not are thoughts, and you know how to do that, much better than we can even think. And if it’s not of you and you bring him down, Lord I pray you would touch his heart and bring conviction so that he would confess and you could turn his life around – just like you did for Saul. I pray for the people who have accepted you into their hearts during this revival, that it would stick and not simply be based on a personage but upon the real and living God who is able to save. I am also going to pray that the Lord will humble the one that made this statement to you.

I migrated to this discussion board from the cogop site and that other forum that shall remain nameless. I remember scooter, AndyG (always coming to the rescue), Gerald Creasy, PastorGary, Mike Vande, Diana?, Brian asking for prayer and myself being awakened in the wee hours of the morning impressed by the Lord to pray for him, and I even found a former pastor of mine.

DaJudge wrote:
And whether Mr. Anonymous COGOP Leader recognizes it or not, Jude 2 has been an incredible agent for change.

Jude2 was an incredible agent for change at the 2006 assembly and I am glad that I was able to play a part in that while I was sitting at home in front of my computer!

Thank you, Pastor Gary, for allowing me to be a part of the Jude2 forum, even though I (and my church) were officially kicked to the curb like Dr.Ron and others.

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Postby Kenya » August 21st, 2008, 11:57 am

Oh wow. So many years of memories.....I do get frustrated here for awhile and need to go to a quiet spot for awhile but I can never stay away for long. But that's what families do, right?

Made a tight friendship with the Creasy's. Even went to Tampa to stay a week and had a blast and they stayed here with us too. Lots of laughs together and the assemblies will never be the same again.

Pastor G has been a stable pastor for me on the internet. When I was being plagued by WOFers during my dad's illness with cancer. What a support this place was. Gerald was right there with me swinging the sword at the Doormats for Jesus!!!

And Gerald, I love you man. I really do.

Am finally able to have some conversations with Mr Danger and momoftwo that I grew up with and have missed for many years. Those were the best years. You guys keep me laughing....

Got reaquainted with old friends or friends of my family, TC, Jinjer, Pastor Rob, Jdavis, Soulsearcher, razer, doris, steve, Tracy and many more....and of course, the new friends, Yellow Rose, Billy, Paully, Jennifer, Mike V, Paul, Cat, Amy, Eager, Brenda, Penny, Poimen, Pastor Chip (met him for lunch in TN), Rambo, any many more that I can't think of right at this moment....

Had a blast at the first Jude2 Picnic (remember the song we wrote?) at Jerry's? We stayed out waaaayyyy too late. I thought Gary was Robin Williams II. Man, what fun. Couldn't get enough!,

We met in Jinjer's parents home that she was selling. Even my kids came and were little then but everyone was so nice to them.

The 2nd one was so crowded I thought they would kick us out of Jerry's! Tracy brought her husband and they made him wear that nose thing. He was so serious but a good sport. lol. And AmY! What a hoot. I miss her too.

The last gettogether I made it to in Nashville, Doris asked everyone right there in the restaurant to pray for me and my neck. I'll never forget that Doris. Thanks for the love.

I've also grown intellectually on this board - there are so many smart people here. I only hope to have an ounce of the intellenge that Tracy possesses. And Michael. Wow. He is one smart dude. I miss him.

I got a birthday call recently from Phil Hoover. Can you believe that? He still hasn't forgotten us. :shock:

Penny has found a family here and people to talk to when she has a problem. You can't find that just anywhere. And we truly love you Penny.

And there's Dr. Ron. He has been my stable "go to guy" in the absence of my dad. He gives good advice and cares about me and Joey in a fatherly way. Thanks for being there for us. Daddy would be grateful at how you've taken us under your wing.

And I was SOOOO amazed at the way the contributions came in for Sharita's trip. You guys are just awesome!! The way you care about a 17 year old that some of you have never met!

And then there is your tolerance. Message boards are probably just bad for me. Pastor Bill and Pastor Rob can tell you that I am already pretty blunt face to face. Put me on a message board and it just gets worse.

So thank you for being so nice to me all these years. I really am a nice person. As my daughter's boyfriend says about her "she just doesn't have a filter". My intentions are never to hurt anyone on purpose and if I have hurt you in the process of making a point, I apologize for that.

I love you all.

I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing! Galatians 2:21

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Postby Penny » August 21st, 2008, 1:16 pm

Penny has found a family here and people to talk to when she has a problem. You can't find that just anywhere. And we truly love you Penny.

Some of you know things my family do not even know, And you have helped me out in more ways than I could even count.

If I ever have a Question I know I can post it and get MANY views on the one topic. And each time I ask a question there is a reason why. And as always You guys help me find the right answer.

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Postby RamboPreacher » August 21st, 2008, 4:03 pm

don't matta' to me who made the comment. I will be praying for them.

this community is more of a community than many (most?!??!) local churches I have sen, participated in and been involved with inside and outside of the COGOP.

we may not all agree with eachother, and we may get on tirades now and again, but we have communications. The discussions that would never happen at a "normal" local church environment.

I am sure that there are some here that hold back somewhat, as they have "positions", but many others of us, do not. a public forum, is just that - a public venue that at it's essence is by it's very nature is asking for opinions and beliefs.

Their opinion, is their opinion, and I will fight with my life for them to be able to have and express that opinion, whether I agree with it or not. I do wish that they would participate so that we could have discussions about the back-story of that conclusion, though.

Unfortunately, as has been said, I would also agree that most that hold that general, wide-brush-stroke opinion is probably leaning toward the less computer literate group.

as mentioned at first, bended knees and prayer is happening for them.
Thanks, Brent "RamboPreacher" Hoefling

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Don't know where I would fit in

Postby Pastor Don » August 21st, 2008, 4:18 pm

Brother Gary and Jude 2 Family
Well, I am not sure if I would be a wanna-be or a has been but I know this; what ever I am I have a family.
In 2006 when my nephew drowned in a boating accident and only four days latter my dad passed away unexpectedly it was the Jude 2 family that held me up when I could not stand on my own. In one month, I had to preach my Dad's funeral, my nephew's funeral, travel over 7 thousand miles, put my mom in a nursing home, get her out and bring her home to live with me. My world was turned upside down and inside out.
I was told by one of my "real" family members:"if we just leave dad at the hospital wont the state take care of him eventually?" On the other hand, there was not a single day that went by that one of my Jude2 family members did not call, e-mail, send a card, or show up at my home.

It was through my Jude 2 family that the International Offices found out about the situation. When they were made aware of it, I had calls from Hector Ortiz, Malcolm Bersegay, Billy Wilson, Randy Howard, and Larry Duncan. I received several calls directly from Sam Clements and many from his secretary. They sent a card with a monetary gift to help with all the expense.

Many of the Jude 2 family sent cards and gifts to help us during that time.

During Hurricane Katrina the Jude 2 family sent several thousand dollars directly to Sandra and I to help us to provide relief efforts on the coast.
Through those donations we and a great deal of help from International Offices and the Peerless Road Church of God of Prophecy we were able to provide over 200 complete camping sets that would include: tent, 2 sleeping bags, pillows, mats, a disposable grill, and battery operated lantern. We took several thousand pounds of food to one group who was cooking for anyone who was hungry. For 67 days Sandra and I would leave every morning and go to Sams and purchase a box of groceries for as many homes as we thought we could visit, generally between 30 and 50. These boxes would contain bread, milk, lunch meat, eggs, caned goods, cereal, and snack items. Each box would have the same thing and we would visit and share the food and the word of God.

So this bunch of has-been's, wanna be's has blessed people that they will never meet, much less know.

I thank God that I am a part of this family.

God bless...
Blessings; DJ

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