Covid 19 and racist

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Covid 19 and racist

Postby lady4jc » June 29th, 2020, 3:53 pm

You all doing ok in this pandemic? Here in West Virginia we are doing good. So far 2571 confirmed cases 1726 recovered and 90 deaths. We was going to go to Florida on vacation to see my daughter and grandchildren and then to Texas to see my son. Here in WV we wear our face masks and wash our hands. We use wisdom and social distance. Just wish the rest of the USA would.
And then the racist stuff and blacks coming against the police. This world is a mess. And we need to pray for the USA. They say black lives matter. I say yes there lives do matter but really all lives matter. God made all people He loves all people no matter what color they are. Rant over for now.

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